What it’s Like to be a Nobody at the Grammy’s

Hello again!

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post..two years to be exact. I will you spare you the details, but I had been fairly busy with school. Now, to get into the story: back in January I had an amazing opportunity from Absolut Vodka–a trip to the 2018 Grammy’s for me and a friend! Since I love making lists, I have created one of my experience at the Grammy’s and what it was like sitting in the audience at such an important event filled with so many somebodies. grammys (3).jpg

  1. I’ve never been so worried about what I looked like–  Knowing that there were going to be celebrities with a team of makeup artists and designer dresses was mildly intimidating. I was at least hoping I could blend in enough that passerby’s wouldn’t think “what is she wearing”. Apparently my Dillard’s dress did me well because I at least got a few compliments.


    Dillard’s dress getting the job done

  2. Getting inside the venue was not a piece of cake– NYC is already pretty happening, but imagine that times ten. There was so much traffic our driver took us around the block several times. It was about a 25 minute walk to MSG, but it ended up taking us over an hour to get there. We ended up walking from a block away.

    grammys (4).jpg

    Outside MSG

  3. Security was worse than at the airport– I guess this could be expected for such a highly publicized event, but it was still a surprise. Someone went through my bag and we were on our way.
  4. I wasn’t able to casually run into a celebrity like I had hoped for– Yes, they separated us seat-fillers from the actual celebrities. There were several stories and railings, so you couldn’t just walk down the stairs and tap your favorite musician on the back (my dreams were crushed).
  5. Commercial breaks were a little chaotic– During commercial breaks you were allowed to go to the bathroom, but you had to make it back before the end of the break. If not, you would have to wait until the next break to return to your seat. Luckily, I was seated near a bathroom.

    grammys (7)

    My view from my seat

  6. There isn’t just one stage like you see on TV–  There actually were a few stages and the different performances would be on different stages. This way they could prepare for the next set while another musician is performing. Also, James Corden would pop up in a different location every time he started talking and sometimes it took me seemingly forever to find him!
  7. 7:30-11:00 is a long time to sit in an uncomfortable dress– By about 10:00 PM, people started leaving (which is crazy to me, it’s the Grammy’s). However, I was ready to leave at the end and stretch my legs.
  8. Leaving was also mass chaos– We were supposed to take a bus back to the after-party, but locating that bus proved impossible. My friend and I ended up walking, which was only bad because I was wearing 3 inch heels that were absolutely killing me. And it was January. Some people were even filming us. Maybe they thought we were some B-list celebrity or something? I’ll take it.
  9. The after-party was even better than the before-party– I was so happy to reach our hotel (where the official after-party was held) and finally eat! There was so much food and of course, Absolut had some amazing drinks. The best drink I tried was called a ‘vodkarita’ and it’s really easy to make. Here’s the recipe (just a note-it’s very strong):
    2 parts Absolut Lime
    1 part lime juice
    1/2 part agave nectarPreparation
    – Fill a shaker with ice cubes
    – Add all ingredients
    – Shake
    – Strain into a chilled rocks glass with a salted rim filled with ice cubes
    – Garnish with a lime wedge

    grammys (9)

    My friend and I at the after-party

  10. The after-party was awesome– It was supposed to end at 2:30 AM, but ended up going to 4:00 AM (and I’m happy to report we stayed the entire time). There was live bands and dancers, and a dance-floor. I had no idea what to expect of the after-party because no information was given to me prior. This totally blew my expectations.
    grammys (8)

    The live music at the after-party

    Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Grammy’s and got a taste of what it’s like to attend.

    Thanks for reading!

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