Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Germany


As the end of my adventure comes closer, I am filled with the bittersweet knowledge I will be heading back to the States soon. However, in this past month I have done more traveling than I’ve done in my entire life! A day after coming home from Barcelona, I spent a three days in Cologne, Germany then I spent 6 days traveling around Switzerland. My favorite part about Germany and Switzerland both is…the Christmas markets! As much as I don’t like the cold (who does?), I found that it really makes the atmosphere even more Christmas-y.



Market in Cologne


So many handmade trinkets and ceramics!



Hot chocolate..with a bit of Bailey’s because Germany loves alcohol.


The market near the Cologne Cathedral


This was so skating at one of the Christmas markets!


Old Town Cologne


Besides for the Christmas markets, I also explored the rest of the city. I think if I could’ve chosen any other country to study abroad in it would have been Germany. Not to mention the German language sounds so unique and different from the smooth Italian I’m used to, so it was a nice change. Navigating the city was difficult–I couldn’t remember the names of any of the stops on the metro, let alone street names.

However, I now know how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in German. I would say I’m almost fluent!


As far as the German food goes, I definitely enjoyed eating bratwursts again! Pretzels were everywhere as well. The best thing: Germany loves meat just as much as America.


I’m so in love with these colors..


Cologne Cathedral. Even more breathtaking in person.




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