Adventures in Switzerland: Montreaux and Swiss Chocolate


I recently took a 6 day trip to Switzerland, since there was an Italian holiday and no school. This is the longest trip I’ve taken all semester, so I was pretty excited to have time to enjoy Switzerland and take my time. It’s pretty stressful to get in and out of a country in like two days, so this was a nice change. I only traveled to and around Geneva, so I stayed in the French-speaking part of Switzerland the whole time.


Since I had so much time there, I was able to take the train to multiple cities. Of course there was SO MANY Christmas markets, so enjoy my countless photos of lights and trees.



View of Lake Geneva from Montreaux

The Christmas markets were huge, but also very expensive. Correction: all of Switzerland is VERY expensive. I thought that London was expensive..until I came here.


Chateau de Chillon

I finally got to see a castle! It felt like it was straight out of a fairy-tale with the water around it and the forest nearby. Definitely worth the walk.



Broc is a little town in the mountains, and here I toured the Cailler chocolate factory. They explained how chocolate became popular in Europe and it was actually really interesting, because I have a chocolate addiction. Cailler chocolate is Switzerland’s oldest chocolate brand still in existence today. And it was good chocolate.


At the end of the tour, there were rows and rows of chocolate to sample! I think we were meant to choose a few to try, but my friends and I sampled every flavor of course! Free chocolate. Mmmm. Never before in my life have I thought “I cannot look at one more piece of chocolate” until after this tour.

In my next blog post I will include the other 3 cities I visited in Switzerland!



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