Adventures in Switzerland: Lausanne


The city of Lausanne, Switzerland is actually where I stayed throughout my trip, so I spent the most time here. Lausanne is located on Lake Geneva and is a French-speaking city in Vaud filled with beautiful architecture, hills, and gorgeous views. It was a 23 minute bus ride into the city from where we were staying, so I got to know the city quite well. Unfortunately it was foggy everyday and I couldn’t even see the mountains..

The part of Lausanne that touches Lake Geneva:


I’ve never seen a building with a patterned roof?

The historic part of town looked totally different from the rest of the city. The streets were uneven and the city almost felt like it was built in layers. It felt very different from Italy and anywhere I’ve been so far. The buildings looked very French to me, so it felt like visiting two countries in one. It also reminded me of Germany, so it was an like a giant combination of several countries.



French-style buildings are my favorite.




Inside the Lausanne Cathedral


Even their vines are pretty..

Lausanne is also where I tried cheese fondue for the first time! It was a bit pricey, but I suppose a normal price for a meal for the Swiss.. I didn’t expect the cheese to be soooo good, however. I have never eaten so much cheese and bread in one sitting.

Next stop: Geneva!




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