10 Observations of Barcelona


I have gotten quite behind on my blogging because I’ve been traveling a lot this month. Not to mention when I come home from a big trip I have to cram all my homework and studying in from the past week…the life of a student.


Flying still makes me excited.

A week and a half ago I got to jet off to Barcelona for 4 days. It’s funny that when I sat down with some friends at the beginning of September to plan this trip, it was hard to believe I was actually going. It seemed ages away.

I have to say that Barcelona was not somewhere I planned on going, mostly because I didn’t know much about it. But, hey, the flight was 35 euros round trip and I’m on a college student’s budget (can I just throw in that Ryanair is unbelievably cheap? Like, question the safety of your flight, cheap. If you don’t know what Ryanair is you must be living under a rock. Just kidding– it is a super cheap budget airline that goes to most of the major cities in Europe and is notorious for their bad customer service. As long as you don’t expect much from them, you can get really affordable flights to anywhere. I’m always tempted to just skip class and hop on one of those 10 euro weekday flights I see…). Either way, I’m always down for seeing a new country.

Here is a general summary of my short time in Barcelona–with a list, of course. Because I really like making lists.

My Observations of Barcelona:

  1. It is NOT always warm in Spain. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I thought it had to be warmer than Italy. It actually felt way cooler because there was this horrible thing called wind! Italy doesn’t have wind.
  2. After spending the last few months in Italy and spending 8 hours a week in Italian class, my three years of high school Spanish was almost completely gone. Luckily, my friend is fluent in Spanish.
  3. The most important part: the food. Barcelona is known for their seafood, so I tried some seafood paella (paella is this delicious rice dish with spices and all kinds of seafood that is popular in Spain).

Seafood Paella


Tapas! Patata Bravas and some fried chicken thing that had a really long Spanish name. Tapas are a Spanish delicacy in which you try several small portions of different foods.

4. Go to Barcelona when it’s not November so you can enjoy the beach! Although I was kind of confused by the amount of men in underwear running in and out of the water..it around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.




5. Gaudi architecture is pretty weird unique. You can tell he loved the beach.


Casa Batlo


Casa Mila

6. La Sagrada Familia (still under construction).


7. Barcelona is located in the region of Catalonia. In Catalonia they speak Catalan, not Spanish! Although it is similar, its still not the same as Spanish. I found it interesting that in the airport the signs were in English, Spanish, and Catalan..complicated.

8. The market near La Rambla (the most famous street of Barcelona) was a good find. I would love to just pick the whole market up and move it home. Fruit was super cheap and fresh. I’ve never seen fruit that fresh and cheap in Ohio. There was fresh spices, chocolates, gifts, fresh juice, and…empanadas.





9. When I came to Italy, I had to adjust to the fact that Italians stay up later. They eat dinner at 9 pm and then stay out late. Spain is on a whole new level. Lots of restaurants serve dinner at midnight and the young people come home from their night out at maybe 6 am. This is a normal thing here. That is why they take a siesta, I guess..

10. And one last random fact that you probably don’t care about– Barcelona is the place for UK citizens to come on holiday. I was told this before, but I encountered more British people here than I did in London! I also did not meet one person actually from Barcelona. It was truly a mix of people from around the world.

Ciao a tutti!



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