La dotta, la grassa, e la rossa (Bologna, Italy)

A few days ago I had the chance to take a trip to Bologna (the historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region), and it was really a beautiful city. I was expecting it to look similar to Reggio Emilia, but the architecture was much more historic looking. There was an abundance of preserved churches or chiesas, and the streets were lined with booths and markets. I saw so many different shops lining the streets that I couldn’t even keep track as to what was what. It is a large city of 375,000, and it is much more of a tourist destination than Reggio Emilia is. It was really interesting to see the difference between a tourist Italian city compared to a smaller Italian city. Bologna is the seventh most populous city in Italy, and the first settlements of the city date back to 1000 BC! It’s amazing how well preserved the city was in relation to it’s age.

The other students and I went on a guided tour of the city (FYI don’t wear a romper when you’re going to be touring a sacred church in Italy..I wasn’t allowed in) and we saw important landmarks– the Basilica of San Petronio (the fifteenth largest church in the world) is left unfinished to this day. I also saw the famous two towers of Bologna- Le due torri, which are left leaning and were built between 1109 and 1119. I saw the ruins of the ancient Roman road, which were visible below the Sans Borsa Library (see picture below). I was able to step foot at the oldest university in the world: the University of Bologna (pictures below) which was important for students in the medieval ages and looked beautiful to this day.

Bologna group photo

My study abroad group in Bologna.




One of my roommates and I enjoying un gelato!


Pistachio gelato is where it’s at!


I love the archways and tunnels everywhere.


University of Bologna: the oldest university in the world!


The University ceiling.


Molto bello!


I love walking down the streets and seeing fresh food everywhere!


Practically the only way to get meat in Italy– fresh.


The ancient Roman ruins!


Funny story: I tried to order two other sandwiches in Italian and the waiter just said “No”, “No”, to what I wanted. I still have no idea why. Maybe my horrible pronunciations of Italian food? Finally I just got pizza, because you can’t go wrong with pizza. 


Selfie with the ancient ruins!


A street artist.


Le due torri.

Ciao! Grazie mille!


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